RAIL POWER A Supply Alternators

The Hitzinger traction alternator for auxiliary power systems, is the driving force of the railway vehicle and provides a compact, efficient and robust solution  to meet your exact needs. The prime mover of the traction alternator can be either a standard diesel generator or hydraulic motor, both of which can conveniently locate in an under-floor design or internally located for else of access.

With over 65-years of custom alternator design solutions, the Hitzinger traction alternators are a product you can rely on.

Technical highlights

  • The 'Rail Power A' for Auxiliary Power can supply anything up to 1000kW AC, with Integral rectifier for DC supply available
  • Flexible specifications meet our clients exact needs (voltage, frequency)
  • With over 65-years of Alternator design, you can be assured our traction alternators are extremely efficient and reliable
  • Designed to maximise on ease of service
  • Variable or constant speed
  • Either Single of Double bearings designs are available