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400Hz Airport Equipment

D-Power 400Hz Diesel Driven Ground Power Units (90-180kVA)

Jet-Power (30-60kVA) Diesel Driven Ground Power Systems

R-Power Individual Ground Power Systems

S-Power Solid State Ground Power Units


Rotary Diesel UPS Systems

U-Power Rotary Diesel UPS Systems



Hydro Power Synchronous Alternators


Diesel Generators

G-Power Diesel Generator Sets


Converter Systems

C-Power Frequency Converter

Rail Power RH2016

Rail Power T46 - LKAB

Rail Power DH41


Whitepaper Downloads

Please refer to our Whitepaper download section for the following Whitepapers

Whitepaper HitzWP001 - Highest Density in Smallest Footprint.pdf

Whitepaper HitzWP002 - Typical Power Quality Issues Affecting Business Continuity.pdf

Whitepaper HitzWP003 - Ensuring Optimal Bearing Life through Better Design.pdf

Whitepaper HitzWP004 - Impact and Mitigation of Voltage Sags on Sensitive Electrical Equipment.pdf

Whitepaper HitzWP006 - Addressing the use of Diesel Rotary UPS in Hospital Applications.pdf

Whitepaper HitzWP007 - Harmonic Mitigation with Rotary Diesel UPS.pdf

Whitepaper HitzWP008 - Fault Current Contribution by Rotary Diesel UPS Systems.pdf

Whitepaper HitzWP009 - Power Conditioning Configurations Using Rotating Equipment.pdf

Whitepaper HitzWP010 - Water Cooled Alternator Design for Recovery of Waste Heat in Rotary Diesel UPS Systems.pdf


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