The Hitzinger U-Power H-PCON offers a clean source of conditioned power supply through to the consumer. Without the Diesel engine for long-term support, the H-PCON can only support the critical load against brown-outs but offers all the benefits of Rotary Diesel UPS solution whilst in stand-by operation.

Whilst in stand-by, the synchronous motor (KIN and Alternator combination) together with the coupling choke, condition the mains supply to ensure a high quality feed to the consumer. The H-PCON unit provides power factor correction (0.98>unity), harmonic suppression that confirms to G5/4,  protection against voltage peaks / drops and frequency stability.

Technical data


  • Multiple versions are available including; internal setup, containerised or enclosed versions and tailored solutions upon request.

Power classes

  • All of the versions are available in Power ratings from 100kVA to 2500kVA, together with Voltages from 400V to 11kV and Frequencies of 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Utilisation of the autonomous time for maximum temporary bridging


  • Noise levels as low as 55dB @1m are available for all versions using appropriately sized attenuation
  • The standard Ambient temperature range is -30°C to +50°C

If you require a Technical Specification, please send us an Email (Contact Us) detailing your requirements. and we can can send the appropriate documents for your review

Technical highlights

  • Hitzinger are both manufactures and designers of rotating electrical equipment, providing turn-key solution to suit your exact requirements. Our experience in turn-key solutions, means we can provide complete project management; from detailed design to installation and commissioning.
  • The H-PCON provides an optimised level of efficiency during standby operation
  • Preventive system protection for prolonged service life, system monitoring, coil temperature monitoring, vibration monitoring, etc.
  • A wide range of power is available from a single unit (>2500kVA) and direct generation 11kV also available to mitigate losses from step-transformers
  • Automatic re-greasing of inner bearings maximise product life and ensure minimal maintenance requirements and downtime.
  • Network stabilisation and filtering to protect consumers from harmonic oscillations, voltage peaks, voltage drops and frequency faults.
  • All H-PCON units are EMC-tested
  • Hitzinger's patented 15.4-inch touch panel with intuitive user menu navigation is provided as standard