G POWER F trailer

The Hitzinger trailer mounted diesel generators offer an extremely high-quality, compact, universally usable and mobile alternative to stationary solutions. The guaranteed performance of the trailer mounted diesel generator, together with compact and lightweight design, means that the trailer solution can be deployed in even the most harsh of terrains.

Tailored solutions can be provided to suit your exact requirements and is already the preferred choice for many customers, construction companies and fire services, who put their trust in our years of experience.

Technical data

Power ratings and variants

  • Multiple Diesel Generator 'F' trailer options are available, including; 1-, 2-, or 3-axle trailer and Tandem trailer. Additional tailored versions are available on request
  • The G-Power 'F' trailer is available in sizes from 10-1750kVA, with voltages between 230V to 11kV direct generation
  • Varies output frequencies are available upon request, including 50 Hz, 60 Hz to 400 Hz


  • Ambient temperature: -40 °C to +55 °C
  • Relative humidity: up to 95 %
  • Standard Noise level is 65 dB (A) @ 7m (Additional Noise reduction kits are further available should you require lower sound attenuation)

For additional information on the trailer mounted Diesel Generators, please Contact Us and we can provide application specific information to suit your exact requirements

Technical highlights

  • Transformer replacement mode, with mobile synchroniser
  • High-quality fan filter elements and special oil and fuel filters options available.
  • Automatic detection of isolated operation and frequency control
  • Increased safety when renewing or servicing transformer stations
  • Optimised access to the machine unit for maintenance and inspection work
  • To maximise on the service life, the axle/brake systems have been reinforced and provide safety in harsh conditions
  • High-current plug-in connections enable Plug&Play networking total outputs of several MVA
  • Possible system monitoring and system control via W-LAN
  • Our patented A-CON touch screen control panel was designed to offer an intuitive user navigation, even in the most adverse weather conditions including excessive levels of sunlight and designed to be dust and water resistant.
  • Standard Noise level to comply with CE - minimum noise levels of 55dB(A) @ 7m depending on attenuation requirements
  • Standard Compact dimensions, with light-weight and weight optimised versions available
  • Suited to all types of terrain

Variants and options

  • All Hitzinger Diesel Generators, including Military grade and commercial units can be delivered as turn-key solutions, including required building services to suit application and customer requirement. Available services include;
  1. Both Internal Ambient lighting, including security external lighting pole (With halogen, LED, metal or sodium vapour lamp)
  2. Fuel-fired engine coolant preheating
  3. Fuel systems and pipe work. Including Day-tank, Bulk-tank, Control panels and pumps.
  4. Automatic Lube oil top up
  5. Small Power
  6. Lightning protection systems
  7. BMS Systems
  8. Switchgear
  9. Leak Detection
  10. Cold weather protection and frost protection on external pipe-work
  11. Coolant preheating, electrical and/or fuel – diesel-fired
  • Enclosures can be supplied with different types of attenuation to suit application
  • In the container version, a partition wall is available for between the machine unit and the tank area
  • Manual cable drum; electrically operated unwinding and retracting device 24 V and 230 VAC
  • WLAN, SMS and GSM aerial connections available
  • Special external coatings to protect against adverse environmental conditions