U POWER - rotary diesel ups systems

The Hitzinger Rotary Diesel UPS system provides a guaranteed supply of power to protect business continuity against mains failure. The DRUPS (Diesel Rotary UPS System) is the perfect solution for mission critical applications, with the NBDK specifically designed to suit IT grade power requirements. The Rotary Diesel UPS system is made up from four major components, including the Diesel Engine, Electromagnetic Clutch, Hitzinger Alternator and Kinetic Storage module (KIN).

During stand-by operation, the rotary diesel UPS system uses the combination of the Kinetic energy module, alternator and coupling choke to provide a superior source of conditioned power to feed the consumer. In-case of mains failure, the stored energy in the KIN is released as to maintain the speed of the alternator, until the diesel engine can take over (<7seconds) and becomes the driving force of the alternator for prolonged periods of time. These systems provide extremely high availability and reliability in case of mains failure and high efficiency during stand-by operation.

Turn-key, Custom Power Solutions
Hitzinger provides solutions to meet the exact requirements of the project, with multiple design solutions available for internal and external applications. Our team of professional electrical engineers are well versed in up-to-date data enter design and market trends to make sure we deliver energy efficient solutions, providing high resilience in accordance to the Tier classifications (Uptime Institute and TIA942) and low PUE.

Maximum availability and reliability
The reliability of Rotary Diesel UPS systems are measured in MTBF hours. As a comparison, the Hitzinger DRUPS are 4x more reliable (1,000,000hrs) than typical battery backed systems (250,000)

Hitzinger Diagnostic and Monitoring System
Hitzinger offers a complete information software package for monitoring of the system through several means, with remote monitoring modems allowing complete visibility and diagnostic of the system. These solutions allow Hitzinger to minimise down time and guarantee your business continuity.

Technical data

Power classes and Variants

  • The Rotary Diesel UPS system can supply full no-load power between 150kVA and 2500kVA from a single unit - Dual output options are available
  • To reduce footprint and mitigate additional losses, Hitzinger can supply alternators up to 11KV direct generation, with frequencies from 50Hz to 60Hz.
  • Solutions are designed to suit the clients requirements, with internal and external variants available. For external solutions, Hitzinger can provide containerised solutions to suit the application.

Power Distribution

  • Our team of professionals can help design the distribution to suit Tier classifications and help build designs to maximise of system efficiency and redundancy.
  • Available topologies include; IP Bus, Isolated Redundant, Distributed Redundant, Parallel Redundant


  • Ambient temperature: -30 °C to +50 °C
  • Noise levels are designed to suit the application. Typical levels of 75dB @1m, with lower sounds levels of 50dB @1m achievable.

Technical highlights

  • The combination of the synchronous motor (Alternator and KIN) and choke protects the consumer against mains Bourne disturbances and provides filtering to protect against harmonic oscillations, voltage peaks/ drops and frequency faults.
  • The DRUPS systems are coupled to diesel engines with low-polluting emissions and optimised fuel economy.
  • As the manufacture of the alternators, Hitzinger can provide 11kV direct generation alternators to minimise on footprint and system losses. Low Voltage systems are available with step-up transformer should the application require it
  • The Rotary Diesel UPS systems are designed to have a prolonged life, with system monitoring across the entire unit providing warning systems to aide in fault finding.
  • To minimize of maintenance, the diesel UPS are supplied omplete with automatic re-lubrication systems to maintain the lubrication of the bearings at a constant rate
  • Hitzinger can provide turn-key solutions, to include the complete infrastructure within a single package
  • With efficiencies up to 97%, Hitzinger provide detailed TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis for every project
  • The electromagnetic clutch provides a secondary, guaranteed start in-case of engine failure