Bringing Innovative DRUPS Technology to the Forefront

Hitzinger USA Embarks on National Presentation Circuit On February 06, 2018 it was our pleasure to participate in the North Carolina Chapter 7×24 Event in Raleigh.

Hitzinger USA was invited to attend as a speaker, marking the 3rd in a series of recent opportunities presented to us to represent Hitzinger and the DRUPS industry in a public forum. Our work developing technical white papers has positioned us as a leading technological force with the knowledge to drive DRUPS applications into the future. Hitzinger USA’s most recent white paper discusses the benefits of clean technology that will protect your data and your business. With a focus on the ability to provide a superior clean waveform while addressing the benefits of the DRUPS clean power conditioner in a standby operation and the effect it has on energy flow, this informative study proves Clean Condition Power is in your company’s best interest.

Hitzinger USA has done extensive research into the areas of harmonic suppression, voltage sag mitigation, power factor correction and superior load handling against system overloads, short circuits and transformer inrush currents. A presentation like our visit to NC as well as our regular lunch and learns provide insight into these above areas and the correlating case studies (whitepapers) we have published. As I address your organization I aim to highlight the fundamental building blocks or a synchronous alternator to inherently provide a clean source of power and how the simple component infrastructure can be customized to provide a long term, uninterruptible Rotary Diesel UPS solution.

Our white papers and public presentations highlight the salient benefits of rotary equipment including severely reduced footprint and flexible design topologies with direct generation voltages up to 15KV, superior load handling and lowest cost of total ownership among other significant advantages. In today’s rapid business environment it is imperative we utilize resources that enable our facilities the maximum productivity at minimal cost to the bottom line and global economy. For a copy of our Clean Conditioned Power white paper contact us for full copies of the Hitzinger USA Technical White Papers or to schedule a presentation today!