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Coupled with Flywheel


With growing concern over the quality of incoming mains power, the HITZINGER converters for grid stabilisation provide a guaranteed clean source of power. This conditioned voltage and frequency is maintained within tolerance on the consumer and provides the client with a very high security of supply.

C-Power COUPLED with flywheel

Our coupled systems are recommended to provide maximum power at your preferred voltage, with optional vibration dampers available for resilient mountings. In case of mains interruptions, the C-Power converter with flywheel, located on the alternator shaft, will provide the necessary ride-thru energy when needed.

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Technical data


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Technical highlights

The Hitzinger design philosophy ensures that our rotary frequency converters for grid-stabilisation provides optimised efficiency, lowest noise emissions, superior voltage and frequency stabilisation and ease of service and maintenance. With over 65years of experience in manufacturing and design turn-key tailored solutions, the Hitzinger rotary frequency converters are guaranteed to deliver maximum service capability and benefits from an unrivalled Service life of >25years. Coupled with an extremely high MTBF of 50,000hours, means that the Hitzinger rotary converter provides an extremely reliable solution.

The addition of the flywheel, ensures that the C-Power rotary converter protects against pulse loads and ensures business continuity even in weaker supply networks.

With Enhanced Efficiency
The Hitzinger C-Power range benefits from years of experience in the rotary machinery market, which ensures the highest levels of 
efficiency in the market providing minimal losses.

Maximum serviceability
Our modular switchgear setup ensures simplistic service and maintenance.

Simplified user operation
Our patented A-CON touch screen control panel was designed to offer an intuitive user navigation, even in the most adverse weather conditions including.

With a service life of >25yrs and MTBF of 50,000hrs, the Hitzinger C-Power range offers the most reliable solution for any application.