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The Hitzinger monoshaft converter for test bay applications provides absolute power protection in the way of stability, overload capacity, precision, reliability and network quality. For over 65-years, Hitzinger has been manufacturing turn-key solutions, with our core business of rotating electrical equipment, this means our rotary converters with just two roller bearings are not only designed to be simple, but provide optimum maintenance and efficiency for every application.

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Technical highlights

The Hitzinger design philosophy ensures that our rotary converters for test bay applications are characterised by there robust and compact design. The optimised efficiency and the lowest noise emissions, means that we are the preferred partner for many consultants, contractors and clients. The Hitzinger converters are designed specifically to provide the lowest maintenance regime and offer extremely easy servicing and operation throughout the life of the equipment. Thanks to a tailored design, calculation, production and testing, C POWER delivers the specified power reliably, without limitation, anytime.

The rotary converter benefits from a four-point access that ensures maximum service capability and benefits from an unrivalled Service life of >25years. Coupled with an extremely high MTBF of 50,000hours, means that the Hitzinger rotary converter provides an extremely reliable solution.

With Enhanced Efficiency
The Hitzinger C-Power range benefits from years of experience in the rotary machinery market, which ensures the highest levels ofefficiency in the market providing minimal losses.

Maximum serviceability
Our modular switchgear setup ensures simplistic service and maintenance.

Simplified user operation
Our patented A-CON touch screen control panel was designed to offer an intuitive user navigation, even in the most adverse weather conditions including excessive levels of sunlight and designed to be dust and water resistant.

With a service life of >25yrs and MTBF of 50,000hrs, the Hitzinger C-Power range offers the most reliable solution for any application.