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The Hitzinger 400Hz Ground Power Units (GPU’s) and Ground support equipment, are amongst the most cost effective and environmental friendly units in the world. We pride ourselves on the ability to manufacture and design our own alternators, which gives our clients the lowest total cost of ownership using low speed 1500rpm engines coupled to a Hitzinger alternator. Our power range of 400Hz Ground Power units for airports is between 30-180kVA, with our latest generation of Jet Power units also available.

For years, Hitzinger have been the preferred partner for many military organisations, due to our minimal operating costs (mainly in fuel savings and maintenance) and overall simplicity of use. All of which benefits from innovative materials, modern processing technologies and ingenious engineering. Our range of 400Hz Ground Power units can be supplied with engines up to Tier4/COMMs4 standards, to not only provide significantly reduced running costs but also improved emissions.

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Hitzinger’s design philosophy ensures that our 400Hz Ground Power Units for airport ground power systems are characterised by their lowest total cost of ownership, increased operational efficiency and low maintenance design. The four-point access ensures ease of servicing throughout the entire unit and reduces maintenance times, coupled with the user friendly interface and touch screen display, explains why our 400Hz GPU’s are market leaders.

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