G Power f



With the G POWER F, HITZINGER is setting new standards in user-friendliness, equipment and individual options. The portable container emergency power supply units combine all of the advantages of powerful gensets with universal applicability.

Technical data

Power ratings and variants


For additional information on the Diesel Generator range, please Contact Us and we can provide application specific information to suit your exact requirements

Technical highlights

Variants and options

  1. Both Internal Ambient lighting, including security external lighting pole (With halogen, LED, metal or sodium vapour lamp)
  2. Fuel-fired engine coolant preheating
  3. Fuel systems and pipe work. Including Day-tank, Bulk-tank, Control panels and pumps.
  4. Automatic Lube oil top up
  5. Small Power
  6. Lightning protection systems
  7. BMS Systems
  8. Switchgear
  9. Leak Detection
  10. Cold weather protection and frost protection on external pipe-work
  11. Coolant preheating, electrical and/or fuel – diesel-fired