BFT WaterJet

BFT’s extensive range of High Pressure Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Pressure Test Stations and Autofrettage systems, affords customers a selection to fit any application.


The Hitzinger Rotary Frequency Converters, provide high levels of reliable, quality power over a full range of frequencies.

Airport Equipment

The Hitzinger 400Hz Ground Power Units (GPU’s) and Ground support equipment, are amongst the most cost effective and environmental friendly units in the world.

UPS System

The Hitzinger Rotary Diesel UPS system provides a guaranteed supply of power to protect business continuity against mains failure.

Diesel Gensets

With the Hitzinger G-Power Diesel Generator, you get a quality, robust and reliable solution, designed to accommodate any application.



Hitzinger’s Traction Alternators provided the initial drive into the USA, with projects across North America requiring local assembly and testing