ASPIN solutions covers the Electric Rotating Motor sector, Slot Wedge Production and Electrical Insulation Materials.


Quality Assurance

The company‘s systems and procedures comply with BS EN ISO9001 requirements and the local environmental standards.

Manufacturing and Testing

Each project is closely monitored during all stages of development and manufacture detailed progress.

Technical Support

A team of highly qualified engineers provides invaluable support to your company.



SPInduwedge® is made of  a special prepregmaterial which has excellent magnetic conductivity characteristics combined withexcellent mechanical properties.

Integrate Technology

SPInduwedge® elements are used across the LV and HV alternator business especially in Automotive, Renewable Energy, Marine and Prime Power applications.

Electric Alternator Components

ASPIN has been perfecting rotor / statortechnology in close cooperation with electricalengineer experts for over 20 years.

Prototype Manufacturing

ASPIN experiences in alternator winding are the foundation in actual automotive, renewable and energy cooperation programs where OEM‘s design interests are combined with SPIndustriescoil winding expertise and prototype possibilities.

Composite Materials Machining

ASPIN provides all kinds of machine service based on state-of-the art CNC technology. Largematerial selection with professional service allowsto produce individual elements as well as specificserial production.

Sensor Technology

Temperature controll is a key element in a thermal monitoring of a stator and rotor. ASPINoffers standard and customer-specific sensors aswell as measuring systems for electrical devicesbased on encupsulated RTT technology.  

Electrical Insulation Materials

One of ASPIN‘s major strengths is the experience in manufacturing insulation materials and their application. ASPIN‘s product range consider all kinds of flexible laminates, insulation sleevingsand different kinds of electrical insulation tapes.

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