BFT – Best Fluid Technology

BFT GmbH (previously the high pressure pump profit centre of BHDT, now an independent company with the same owner) is a technologically qualified supplier and manufacturer of high-pressure systems and high-pressure components for waterjet cutting, the chemical and petrochemical industry as well as of pumps to general pressures (up to 12,000 bar) for liquid media. Our products are manufactured at the highest technological standard. Decades of experience, suitable material selection as well as quality-ensured handling of orders have given us an outstanding position on the global market.

The production program comprises all high pressure pumps with accessories.

Our strengths is not only the production of individual products – we also offer systems that require extensive know-how in project management, detail engineering and process knowledge.

Providing support for all BFT pump customers across North America

High Quality Spare Parts

  • We hold a large quantity of spare parts on consignment, covering all pump models.

Efficient Technical Support

  • 2 engineers available Monday to Friday 0700-1600, to provide technical support and resolve any issues you might encounter
  • Technical support can be via phone or email, and we can also be on-site should this be required
  • Although we state that our support is available during the above hours, we also try to accommodate our customers outside these hours, and although this cannot be guaranteed, we have done this on numerous occasions.


  • Full training on-site, covering the following topics.
  • System overview and safety aspects
  • Part identification.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Part replacement.


  • 1- and 3-year maintenance contracts for BFT pumps, including 1 on-site visit per year and the replacement of consumable parts (listed within the contract).


  • Meeting customer requirements and expectations.
  • Advancement of our company to make it market leader in all production segments through technology and quality leadership.
  • Full integration of employees and constant advancement to best possible fulfil the tasks.
  • Improvement of procedures through the specification of quality and SGU goals and the assessment of their fulfilment at the end of the business year.




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