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Hitzinger Fixed Electrical Ground Power unit (FEGP) is a 50/400Hz power source for the aviation industry. Referred to as the ‘S-Power’, our FEGP can either be supplied onto a fixed stationary pedestal of mounted directly onto the underside of the air bridge. Together with this 400Hz Ground Power Unit, Hitzinger can supply an alternative to the traditional cable crocodile cabling system. This alternative is a motorised cable coil system, that locates adjacent to the FEGP (Either Fixed of Bridge Mounted) and provides 1no or 90kVA 400Hz cables.

The S-Power 400Hz Fixed Electrical Ground Power Unit is made up of multiple 45kVA stacks, that run in parallel to supply anything between 45-225kVA (Via 5no Total Stacks) and provides a resilient modular solution to mitigate downtime.

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